About Us

Rook was born from the aspirations of three geeky friends with a passion for games and fun.

Always playing together, we felt that we could put our academic knowledge and professional experience, traits that we've always admired in each other, together with the possibility of working with something we've always enjoyed.

So we finaly sat down, drafted a plan and put our different talents to work. After we identified affinities and, most importantly, the working ethics and the professional profile of each member, we established a strong foundation: a tripod. The best geometric base for balance was found.

Two marketing professionals who are also teachers and translators were aided by an international trader with experience in several markets, countries and cultures, and the process of creating and structuring the company concepts soon followed.


Joining our experience of more than 10 years in languages, culture, games and fun, we reached a perfect structure, along with a strong drive to make dreams come true (ours as well as those of our clients and partners). And that's how the Tower was built.

Solid, strong, well-planned and capable of facing any battle that comes along. Tall enough to give us a broad vision for every challenge.

This is Rook.

The dream of working with what we like coming true, with the strong professional ethics that such a career demands and a desire to see our clients and partners equally fulfilled.


The name of the company came up after a family lunch, when one of our team members was driving and thinking about life, the universe and everything, and also on the first ideas for the project that had been brewing. That's when a great insight came up to name the company. Something short, easy to remember and with interesting symbolisms, just like the team wanted it.

We chose the name Rook: the tower in the chess game.



Here at Rook, our mission, vision and values are well-defined. And these are the principles that guide the actions of the company. Here they are:

Our mission

Our vision

Our values


Why a tower? What elements made us choose a tower as the image that represents the company? Find out: 

Towers in games:

Also, the tower is related to some very interesting aspects of the world of games. Check it out:

Classic chess:

Classic chess:

The game of chess is one of the oldest (and perhaps the most classic) games in the world. Just like in the field of translation and localization, chess is not a game for just about anyone. Many people have a basic knowledge of the game and of other languages, but only those who have experience and competence can say that they have mastered the art.
Modern games:

Modern games:

Besides the chess rooks, there are other examples of towers in modern games. Some of the more recent genres such as Tower Defense have become a hit among casual players. This represents our ability to work with all kinds of games, from traditional to modern; from those that are longer and more elaborate to those that are more casual.


Still with the symbolism of chess, the rook can move between 1 and 7 spaces on the board in each turn; this represents our capacity to work with projects of any size and scope. 

Moreover, the rook moves forward, backward and also sideways, always with well-coordinated movements. These moves resemble some aspects of language and how we can use it: we're free to move all over the board (to freely translate the contents of a game or text), but always according to clear rules (the specifications set by the client and fidelity to the original text).