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Want to bring your game to Brazil? 

Do it with Rook and expand your player base in one of the most promising markets around.


<strong>O que localizamos:</strong>

What we localize:


Games for mobile devices, consoles and computers.

Manuals & Documentation

The instructions for your product in the user's language.


Mobile applications for any platform or smart device.


Folders, flyers, posters and assorted support materials.


With all their components: the board, the rules and even the box.


Boxes, cases and materials that protect and move your product.

Le team: 




Teacher and translator for over 20 years. Writer in the advertising and marketing fields for over 10 years. Never able to choose a single path to follow, she decided to follow both. Curious since forever. Played games ever since she got her hands on an Atari console and a Monopoly box. Raised among comic books and singing Tokusatsu opening themes. She was finally able to join the three ends of her professional fulfillment: languages, writing and the geek universe.




Graduated in Marketing, has been working with translation and localization since 2008; also, he taught English, Portuguese and Writing for over 10 years. Has experience with event management and designing combat games for LARP groups. Likes series, graphic adventures, RPG, novels and coffee. His motto: "Work with something you love and you'll never have to work again". A Sagittarius with Aries rising, he thinks the world could use a little more cowbell.